Code Course Title Location Price*
FK-NT BasiQ - Basic Qualification for managers (2018) Bangkok 2140.00 EUR
Advanced Training in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Smart Grid for Utility Management (24. April - 30. November 2018  New Not Specified 75950.00 EUR Fully Booked
KQ-KT Co-Financing in Practice (24.-27.4.2018) Bangkok 1460.00 EUR Fully Booked
IT-TC Introduction to GIZ IT Tools and Applications for Daily Management (Postponed) Bangkok 900.00 EUR
KQ-BT Procurement and Contracting (18 - 22.6.2018) Bangkok 1120.00 EUR Fully Booked
UW-PT Communicating projects - strategically and effectively (20-22.6.2018) Bangkok 1290.00 EUR
MP-BL Project Cycle Management with LogFrame Tools (25-29 June 2018)  New Bangkok 2050.00 EUR Fully Booked
EG-DT Development Policy (29-31 August 2018)  New Not Specified 1210.00 EUR
MP-NA Commission Management (Postponed) Bangkok
MP-MB Monitoring Results and Evaluation (RBME) (4-6 July 2018)  New Bangkok 1660.00 EUR Fully Booked
*VAT excl. & giz Staff are eligible for Employee Rate