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Leadership Foundation: Managing International Teams (23-26 July 2018)

2140.00 EUR


Date: 23-26 July 2018

Training fee: 2120 EUR

Leadership is a competence, an attitude, and a behaviour that goes beyond formal authority and it is essential in international cooperation.

Learning objectives 

At the end of the training, participants will

  • strengthen your personal leadership competencies and self-leadership
  • understand the importance of integrity, commitment, responsibility, trust and open-mindedness
  • have practised core leadership competencies such as appreciative communication and generative listening
  • learn about state-of-the-art leadership approaches for international cooperation and the relationship with management
  • have exchanged on what kind of leadership is needed in times of increasing complexity and uncertainty 
  • gain clarity about your own role and purpose
  • think systemically and deeply explore the relationships in your stakeholder system
  • gain insights on leading laterally in networks with no formal line-management authority
  • be able to apply methods for stimulating innovation and learning from mistakes
  • be able to identify your personal leadership challenges and develop a roadmap for implementing changes


  • Systemic leadership – leading (in) international diverse systems
  • Lateral leadership – leading with no formal line-management authority
  • Key drivers of human behaviour in working relationships
  • Gaining clarity about own profile, role and leadership tasks
  • Strengthening personal leadership competencies and self-leadership
  • Practicing core leadership skills, e.g. effective communication
  • Practicing core leadership tools & methods
  • Practicing difficult conversations
  • Learning to identify personal leadership challenges & develop a roadmap for implementing changes

Training approach

  • Input and background material
  • Self-reflection and self-leadership
  • Peer-to-peer-learning and feedback from trainer
  • Case Clinics
  • Practising appreciative feedback
  • Analysing your team as part of a bigger system
  • Appreciative comparison of diversity in a group
  • Developing a personal roadmap for implementation
  • Experimential methods (such as solo & dialogue walk)

Who should attend this training? 

  • You are a professional, formal or informal ‘leader’ or change agent in your system and want to strengthen your leadership skills.

About the trainers

Georg Trapp

Georg Trapp helps individuals and diverse teams with the exploration of new perspectives, ideas and approaches to improve leadership effectiveness, resolve misunderstanding, conflict, tension, deadlock and facilitate positive change.

In more than 25 years in South-East Asia, working with international clients and managing a multi-cultural team, he has gained familiarity with diverse cultures and traditions. As a certified and ICF trained Executive Coach, Team Development Expert and Facilitator he works with clients across a broad range of industries and cultures. Born and raised in Germany, he’s been based in Bangkok, Thailand since 1992. He facilitates workshops and training programs for MNCc and non-profit organisations in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Germany. His training programs facilitate soft-skill development with focus on leadership, self-awareness, communication, intercultural management, influencing and negotiation.


Christine Blome

Christine Blome’s passion is to create and facilitate settings where diverse teams and multi-stakeholder initiatives can leverage their diversity and jointly develop their fullest potential in order to reach optimal results. She has graduated in science of international adult education, psychology and sociology, led a global sustainability program for 7 years and works for over 15 years as a Facilitator and Trainer in the field of International Cooperation. She works as an Executive Coach and facilitates workshops, conferences and training programs worldwide, both in the corporate and non-corporate world. Her thematic focus lies on sustainable development (SDGs), intercultural communication, diversity management, team development and leadership development. Beyond others she is a trainer of BasiQ (GIZ) and other leadership programs, such as ´Managing Global Governance´, hosted by the German Development Institute.