How to prepare for Internal Control (11 - 13.7.2018)

800.00 EUR


Date:    11 - 13 July 2018

Training fee:  800.- EUR

An exchange workshop for project administrative staff who need to prepare for internal control

Learning objectives and content

At the end of the training, the participants will have:

  • Refreshed and updated an overview of GIZ systems and processes of financial management, project accounting system and related rules and regulations (OuR)
  • Refreshed and updated on core elements of how to keep GIZ project finance and administration work in line with OuR
  • Understood basic concept of GIZ internal control
  • Reflected, exchanged and explored solutions for difficult situations in project finance and administration related to internal control
  • Exchange experiences and develop step-by-step guideline on how to prepare for GIZ internal control

Training Approach

  • Interactive presentation
  • Reflection and discussion by participants
  • Application of learning through case studies and group work
  • Group presentation and peer learning


GIZ project finance and admin staff in Band 2-4 with more than 1-2 years of experiences in the position, responsible for preparation for GIZ internal Control. 


Punam Gupta has over 20 years of experiences working in GTZ/GIZ. Punam is Head of Financial Controlling and Internal Control in India. Under her supervision, the internal control systems in GIZ India has been rated "excellent" by HQ Auditors. She carries out various Internal Control trainingsfor GIZ participants.

Petchada Usanapong has over 30 years of experience working in Thai-German Technical Cooperation. Petchada is the Deputy Country Director of GIZ Malaysia and Thailand and the Head of Administration. She carried out various admin and finance training for GIZ participants, as well as provided initial support for the offices in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar and others in the Asia Pacific.

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