Energy and Climate

Code Course Title Location Price*
KE-RD/KE-RE Advanced Training in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Utility Management Bangkok and Germany 75960.00 EUR
KE-EC Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Change (EbA) (6-8 September)  New Bangkok 1930.00 EUR
KE-FI Framework for resource efficiency in industry (25-27 September)  New Bangkok or near by 2440.00 EUR
KE-EE Energy Efficiency in Industry (2-5 October)  New Bangkok or near by 1780.00 EUR
KE-TB CLIFIT - Climate Finance Readiness Training (9-11 October)  New Bangkok 2860.00 EUR
KE-TE Tendering and evaluation of renewable energy (6-9 November)   New Bangkok or near by 1860.00 EUR
*VAT excl. & giz Staff are eligible for Employee Rate