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Advanced Training in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Smart Grid for Utility Management (24. April - 30. November 2018

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Date: 24. April - 30. November 2018

Training fee: 75,950 EUR (TAX excluded )

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Learning objectives

At the end of the training, the participants will

  • have enhanced their knowledge and skills in electricity engineering focusing on advanced technologies in renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • have enhanced their knowledge and practical experiences in electricity utility business management with a special view on changing business models with increased renewable energy deployment
  • have analysed and planned how to implement and transfer the lessons-learned to improve their organization renewable energy and energy efficiency management
  • have enhanced their change management and leadership skills for their “change agent” role
  • have built an electricity utility network containing relevant experts and organizations in Germany and at international level and exchanged working culture with German and international companies


1. Introduction: Why is Germany transforming its energy sector - challenges and lessons-learned?

  • Introduction of background, reasoning for RE development
  • Key milestones and enablers of RE development in Germany and relevance for Thailand

2. Germany’s energy supply system and the functioning of power market

  • Technical key data with a view to generation, transmission and distribution
  • Industry structure and key players
  • Power system planning and regulatory environment
  • How the market functions: technical and economical level (the differences between the German and Thai system)
  • From base load to residual load system: relevant market trends in Germany with crucial impact to utility business development (this will be highly relevant for the Thai context)

3. Network operation: challenges and solutions for variable renewable energy (RE) grid integration

  • Technical network structure in Germany: transmission and distribution levels
  • System protection: System planning, protection and role of storage
  • Role of RE forecasting
  • The role of interconnection of national grids
  • Smart grid initiatives and smart metering
  • Grid code
  • Micro grid
  • Enterprise asset management
  • The new role of storage in a residual load system
  • Standard for construction of transmission & distribution, sub-station and underground system
  • Outage management system, maintenance and mitigation

4. The role of energy efficiency in the building and industrial sector

  • Energy efficiency measures on generation, transmission and distribution level
  • Demand side management
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCO) in Germany: role, challenges and solutions

5. Technical operation and management of selected RE technologies

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) in Germany: charging station operation, future impact on utility management and mitigation measures
  • Solar Energy
  • Others

6. Customer service

  • How does back office of German electricity providers work
  • Outage management system

7. Management and leadership

  • Organizational and strategic management
  • Models and methods of communication, presentation and negotiation techniques
  • Change management, Multipliers training, factors for successful transfer
  • Facilitation skills and Leadership skills – empowering change agent focusing on energy sector

8. Basic German language for daily life

9. German working culture and other intercultural exchange

  • German and European culture and rules of communication
  • Conflict management in intercultural environment 

Training approach

The training will be in 3 phases Phase 

Phase 1:  Preparation in country 

  • 80 hours basic German class
  • 2-3 days planning and orientation 

Phase 2:  Training in Germany

  • 6 months (2 months group training, and 4 months in-company practical training) 

Phase 3: Application in country 

  • 2-day workshop on transfer and follow up