Commission Management (Postponed)



***This course is open for GIZ staff only. Price is already Employee rate.***

Date:  Postponed

Training fee: tbc

Course content and objectives:

Participants will get an overview of GIZ’s commission management in the public-benefit business area and are introduced to the commissioning procedure that applies to our main commissioning party BMZ and others such as BMUB. They learn about GIZ’s expectations and policies with regard to the results-based management of commissions, and gain an understanding of their responsibility within the commission management structure. They receive an introduction to the basic tools used to manage commissions in the field (Capacity WORKS, results-based monitoring).

Content will include but not me limited to

• The commissioning procedure with focus on GIZ’s main commissioning party BMZ and BMUB

• Introduction to GIZ’s management and steering model Capacity WORKS (five success factors, selected instruments)

• Introduction to GIZ’s results model and to managing for development results in technical cooperation measures (cause/effect hypotheses, relationships between outputs and results)

• Basic understanding, tasks and aims of results-based monitoring

• Best practices from various countries and sectoral contexts

Training approach: 

Input from the training team and work in small groups on examples taken from the participants’ projects and programs.

Who should take this course:

National and international experts with steering functions within the scope of GIZ's commission management (senior national staff Band 5 and 6, international staff, program directors or heads of program components). 
Participation in this course is mandatory for the preparation of all international staff as well as national staff Band 5 and 6 ("Kurs B GIZ-Auftragsmanagement").

Course Fee:

The course fee includes all costs for the training including food and drink during lunches and coffee breaks. It does not include individual accommodation, transport, breakfasts or dinners.


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