Commercial Qualification for National Experts and Managers (Postponed)

1640.00 EUR


***This course is open for GIZ staff and associated organizations only

Date:   Postpone. Dates to be confirmed.

Course Fee:    € 1640.-


The course is intended for national experts and managers (bands 5 + 6) who have complex tasks and responsibilities in the field of financial management and would like to extend their knowledge concerning the procurement of materials and GIZ services and the conclusion of financing agreements. It is targeted in particular at those responsible for coordinating or implementing projects or individual components and officers responsible for (partial) budgets.


Module 1: Basic principles of financial management

Aims and content: 
The participants know the basic principles of and procedures for project-related financial management in the GIZ in the context of the project cycle and the associated responsibilities. The participants know the similarities and differences with respect to various clients (BMZ, German public sector clients) regarding the financial processing of projects.

•    Responsibilities and tasks of officers responsible for commissions in respect of financial management
•    Tasks and support provided by GIZ offices and headquarters
•    General conditions for financial management (i. a. general agreement)
•    Basic principles of financial processes and responsibilities within the framework of commission management: framework planning, calculation, implementation
•    Planning and monitoring of project budgets: expenditure planning, cost and expenditure monitoring 
•    IT systems and formats for financial management reporting 
•    Financial processing in the partner country, implementation and conclusion of projects

Duration: 3 days


Module 2: Procurement of goods and services as well as financing

Aims and content:
The participants know the legal and organizational principles for purchasing in the partner country and through headquarters as well as for the conclusion of agreements about financing. They know how to procure goods and services economically in line with the client's specifications and use the services of the GIZ offices and headquarters with due regard to the current orientation texts and rules.  
•    Overall context for the procurement of goods and services within the framework of the procedures and conditions specified by the client
•    Introduction to the online procurement system
•    Involvement of partners in contract award decisions
•    Rules for the procurement of goods and services (including construction contracts) by GIZ offices, projects or headquarters
•    Rules for the conclusion of agreements about financing (financing agreements, local subsidies, grant agreements)
•    The advice and services offered by the Contracting, Procurement and Logistics Division at headquarters

Duration: 1.5 days


Part 3: Project-specific advice on financial management, procurement and financing

Following the training modules the participants make use of the possibility of receiving advice, in bilateral talks with the trainers,  on specific questions from their own project environment.

Duration: 0.5 days


Lectures, presentations, exercises as well as bilateral advice on project-specific questions


4 trainers from GIZ head office (Finance Department, and Contract Department)




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