Leadership Foundation: Managing International Teams (26-29 March 2018)

2140.00 EUR


Date: 26-29 March 2018

Training fee: 2140 EUR

Leadership is a competence, an attitude, and a behaviour that goes beyond formal authority and it is essential in international cooperation.

Learning objectives 

At the end of the training, participants will

  • strengthen your personal leadership competencies and self-leadership
  • understand the importance of integrity, commitment, responsibility, trust and open-mindedness
  • have practised core leadership competencies such as appreciative communication and generative listening
  • learn about state-of-the-art leadership approaches for international cooperation and the relationship with management
  • have exchanged on what kind of leadership is needed in times of increasing complexity and uncertainty 
  • gain clarity about your own role and purpose
  • think systemically and deeply explore the relationships in your stakeholder system
  • gain insights on leading laterally in networks with no formal line-management authority
  • be able to apply methods for stimulating innovation and learning from mistakes
  • be able to identify your personal leadership challenges and develop a roadmap for implementing changes

Training approach

  • Input and background material
  • Self-reflection and self-leadership
  • Peer-to-peer-learning and feedback from trainer
  • Case Clinics
  • Practising appreciative feedback
  • Analysing your team as part of a bigger system
  • Appreciative comparison of diversity in a group
  • Developing a personal roadmap for implementation
  • Experimential methods (such as solo & dialogue walk)

Who should attend this training? 

  • You are a professional, formal or informal ‘leader’ or change agent in your system and want to strengthen your leadership skills.


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